Beatrice is simple yet sophisticated template with a balanced layout, suitable for small businesses and personal blogs.

Page Specific Banner Images

Banners in Beatrice can be added globally or to each individual page.

To add a global banner, upload your image to the Banner Image in the Style Editor.

To add page specific banners, go to Page Settings and upload your image as a Thumbnail Image. This will replace the global Banner Image, but the Size, Repeat, and Position settings in Style Editor will still be applied.

Width Settings

Site Width and Blog Sidebar Width can be adjusted in the Style Editor to control page proportions. Both the Blog Sidebar and Meta Data Columns are determined by the Blog Sidebar Width to ensure a balanced and symmetrical composition.

Site Width Sidebar Meta Data

Sidebar Settings

The Blog Sidebar can be turned on or off in the Style Editor.

Blog with sidebar.

Blog without sidebar.

Border Settings

Page borders can be turned on or off in the Style Editor.

Borders on.

Borders off.

Mobile Optimization

Beatrice is optimized for mobile devices and smaller screens.

Using Squarespace 6

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